Labor Day Recap & Building the Team

Mike Basch
3 min readSep 13, 2016


Labor Day Union Party

Every day I discover things about my newly adopted home in the Midwest. Most recently, I learned that they don’t mess around when it comes to Labor Day. It’s a HUGE deal characterized by each Union throwing their own massive picnic. And just as the Unions are incredibly organized, their picnics were no exception. It felt like the entire city turned out to celebrate and support these respective groups. Everywhere I looked there were more people than I could count. The energy was fantastic, and I was thrilled….after all, I always love a good mix…

I also took a few days to sneak away from the campaign to celebrate my mom’s wedding in SoCAL. Congrats Mom and Jonathan!! Wishing you both many years of love and laughter.

Back in Madison, the leadership team is really starting to come together nicely. The fellows have started their work in full, and we have some promising candidates for Team Captains for GOTV. I’m so excited by the crowds we are drawing here in the office. The place is always buzzing and on some nights we even have a full house! Despite this energy and moments of gratitude, there’s a long road ahead and the weight of what we’re fighting for is ever present.

The office is starting to fill up!

Wisconsin is a BLUE state, but it went overwhelmingly pro-Bernie in the primary. We need to create an insurmountable wave of support for HRC and get all of those former Bernie supporters excited about “the most qualified candidate to ever run for President” — President Barack Obama. That’s a non-negotiable. To that end, we are all working relentlessly towards driving strong turnout numbers. Getting people out to vote is the key to victory because, while we have the numbers, Trump’s people will not be stopped from coming out in November….

Volunteers signing people up even at night!

I’ve got a great visitor line up this week to help keep me pumped up — my Dad, Danny Kaplan, Johnny Jung, and Marcela Swenson! YES! The weekends from this point out will bring in teams of people from my life at home, fresh talent and good vibes, all looking to pitch in and make a difference! There is still room for anyone who wants to come out and join me, especially for the final push in November (5th-8th). Six people have already confirmed for that stretch! I’ll find a place for anyone else who wants to come for those days. Hit me up!!

To everyone who is signed up already, and to those who are helping the cause in other ways, like sending checks and campaigning locally, THANK YOU.

To those voters who are on the fence, think that their vote doesn’t matter, or that the game is rigged, please call me. I mean it.

Cheers to progress!

Saving money any way we can. Standing box desk is the new veridesk.